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(Illinois Governor JB Pritzker video still)

Illinois' legislature is looking to expand vote-by-mail programming, after a measure moved forward out of a House committee on Thursday. 

Additionally, Governor JB Pritzker had some strong words in reaction to comments from President Donald Trump who threatened to hold up federal funding to Michigan and Nevada, alleging increased voter fraud. 

Some states have been looking to increase vote-by-mail ahead of November's election, due to fears of attending polls amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Governor Pritzker made these comments in response on Thursday. He was also asked if the state's current bill goes far enough. 

Meanwhile, now that the legislature is back in session, Republican legislators are backing their own re-opening plan in a Senate bill. 

The GOP bill would establish protocols by the end of the month that include three major themes. They include customer density limits based on business facilities’ square footage and appropriate social distancing; face covering requirements for employees; and regular cleaning regimens.

It would also require any future extension of the Governor’s initial disaster proclamation to be approved by the General Assembly.

Locally, more reaction came in on the expansion of re-opening that was announced on Wednesday. 

Rep. David Welter of Morris said it was a move in the right direction but that it was, "clearly not enough." 

In regard to updated totals, Kendall County added 15 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday for a total of 650 cases. Additionally, in-recovery cases jumped by 31 for 350 cases in-recovery or recovered, which makes up about 54 percent of the total case amount. 

Total county deaths remain at 22, seven of which have had complex conditions. 

The Kendall County Health Department reports that 76 percent of the county's total cases have had no additional complex conditions reported. 3.4 percent of the total amount are deceased, 40.7 percent of continuing cases are at home and 1.6 percent are in the hospital. 

View more information on the Kendall County Health Department website.

No new cases were reported in LaSalle County on Thursday but a new death was. There have been a total of nine COVID-19 related deaths in LaSalle County.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in DeKalb County are now just below 300, while deaths are being revised down by one.

Two deaths from complications of COVID-19 were reported in DeKalb County on Tuesday, but the DeKalb County Health Department says full patient records show that one of the people lived outside of the county, so the total number of deaths has been lowered to three.

The health department also reported Thursday that seven more people in DeKalb County have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total to 299.

The Kane County Health Department reports 5,048 coronavirus cases and 146 deaths. 

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported 2,268 new COVID-19 cases statewide on Thursday along with 87 additional deaths. There have now been 102,686 cases and 4,607 deaths.

Another 29,307 specimens were processed, statewide.