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Illinois House lawmakers approved energy legislation on Thursday night. State Representative David Welter said we achieved our shared goal of protecting local jobs, keeping our nuclear fleet online, and cementing Illinois’ status as a leading energy-producing state now and into the future.

However, Welter was unhappy with the process.

Welter said there was no need to delay this vote to September on the brink of Dresden’s anticipated closure.

Welter said several jobs will be impacted in Southern Illinois in Senate Bill 2408.

38th District State Senator Sue Rezin said she is looking forward to returning to Springfield on Monday as lawmakers fight to keep all of the nuclear power plants online.

Superintendent Kent Bugg said the language would keep the Byron and Dresden Stations open and stabilizes the Braidwood and LaSalle Stations.  Bugg also said there were several times on Thursday where speakers referenced the number of witness slips filed in support. 

The bill also garnered 83 total votes which means several Republicans voted in favor.  The bill now heads to the Senate where if it passes then Governor Pritzker would have the final say.