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With the harvest season comes an increased risk of grain bin accidents. That’s why the State of Illinois is reminding agriculture workers to stay safe over the upcoming months.

Illinois had 10 grain entrapment incidents in 2020, the most in the entire nation that year according to the University of Purdue. Illinois Department of Labor Director Michael Kleinik said it is crucial for farmers and Ag workers to safety first during the harvest season.

Carelessness can cause sever injury or death. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, moving grain acts like quicksand. A person standing on moving grain will become trapped within 5 seconds and will be completely covered with grain within 30 seconds.

That’s why the State of Illinois is reminding workers to wear a body harness with a life line, never enter a grain bin alone, and never walk on or down grain to make it flow. More information on grain safety may be found at OSHA.gov.