Illinois Bicentennial Cake

Illinois celebrated its 200th birthday in style on Monday. At Navy Pier in Chicago, state officials, celebrities, citizens, dignitaries and veterans came together for the Land of Lincoln's birthday party.

According to the Governor's office, around 2,300 people were in attendance.

Among the entertainment, members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed a piece composed by John Williams from the movie “Lincoln.”  Second City and Saturday Night Live alums Robert Smigel and George Wendt reenacted their Superfan ‘Da Bears’ skit from SNL.

A 1,000-pound "Honest Abe Apple Cheesecake" that was shaped like the Illinois State Capitol was even cut. Music, sports, arts and entertainment, history and culture were all represented in various acts.  

On December 3, 1818, Illinois was named the 21st state in the Union. Locally, an Illinois resident worked with the city of Yorkville to commemorate what would have been Illinois' original northern boundary line with a plaque at the Van Emmon Center. The dedication was in connection with the state's yearlong celebration of the bicentennial.