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WCSJ Photo 

The Grundy County Law and Justice Committee on Thursday heard an update from Grundy County Sheriff Ken Briley about a new proposed criminal justice reform bill in Illinois.

Briley also had this to say.

The legislation does the following:

  • Prohibits Pre-Trial Detention when an offender poses a danger to the Community At-Large.
  • Will significantly limit offenders being detained, which will pose a significant risk to victims, witnesses to crime and the community at-large.
  • Impedes any law enforcement investigation, which will lead to less crimes being solved and no accountability for criminal perpetrators.
  • Severely limits accountability for accomplices to murder by amending the Felony Murder Rule.
  • Removes all due process protections for Police Officers, which will end the Policing Profession as we know it and depend on it. 

The Illinois General Assembly has until noon on January 13th to pass legislation before the next duly elected General Assembly takes office.