The Grundy County and Kendall County Farm Bureaus will officially be merging next month. The Grundy Farm Bureau board approved the merger at their annual meeting at the Morris Country Club tonight, while the Kendall County Farm Bureau approved the measure on Wednesday night.

Grundy Farm Bureau Board President Scott Halpin and Manager Victoria Was said this has been a long time coming.


Leading up to the merger, Halpin said they received positive feedback from local farmers.


With the merger, the two organizations will be named the Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau. 

Kendall County Farm Bureau Manager Dan Reedy told our sister station, WSPY, that the merger would still lead to the closure of the farm bureau office in downtown Yorkville with operations being headquartered from the Grundy County Farm Bureau Office in Morris.

With the merger now set, total membership would be over 7,000 with around 1,070 farmer members. In Kendall County, there are currently around 450 farmer members and in Grundy County around 660 farmer members.