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The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office had a busy day last week enforcing posted speed limits throughout the county.

On Friday, September 13, deputies conducted a County Wide Speed Enforcement detail.

This special enforcement was brought on, according to a post from the Sheriff’s Office on Facebook, due to resident complaints about speeding in certain areas throughout the county.

Areas of focus on the enforcement detail were I-55, I-80, Route 47 north and southbound, Route 6 and Gardner Road.

Grundy County Sheriff Ken Briley reported deputies issued 154 traffic citations this past weekend, 131 of which were issued by 7 deputies during the speed enforcement detail last Friday.

Also, deputies wrote 5 Scott’s Law violations and arrested one motorist for DUI.

The post said five deputies issued 65 citations over four hours and the other two deputies issued 66 citations including the DUI arrest over a 10-hour period.

Most drivers who received speeding citations were going a minimum of 15-20 mph over the posted speed limit.