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Recreational cannabis businesses may not be coming to unincorporated Grundy County.

During the Grundy County Board meeting last night, local officials and two individuals from the public spoke about the cons of recreational cannabis.

Grundy Public Health Director Michelle Pruim said the health community is not in support of recreational cannabis.

Local resident Rick Barnard shared his concerns.

Another resident also spoke during the meeting.

The board last night approved a recommendation to have the Land Use Department petition a text amendment to the Zoning Board of Appeals that would prohibit recreational cannabis businesses in unincorporated Grundy County.

Board Chairman Chris Balkema said the issue will now be discussed and voted on during a public hearing with the Zoning Board of Appeals on October 15th, at the Land Use Committee meeting on October 23rd and the final decision will be made at the Grundy County Board meeting on November 12th.