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State of Illinois Video still.

Governor J.B. Pritzker on Wednesday signed the Climate and Equitable Jobs act that includes financial help for two nuclear power plants in Morris and Byron that were slated to shut down, one beginning this week.

Among the proponents of the bill is Republican 38th District State Senator Sue Rezin, who has three nuclear power plants in her district. 

The bill passed with some bipartisan support on the Illinois House and Senate. Republican 75th District State Representative David Welter says keeping the plants open is huge for people in his district.

In addition to shoring up nuclear energy, the bill sets a goal for Illinois of reaching 100 percent clean energy by 2050. The bill requires coal plants to shut down by 2030 and natural gas plants to shut down by 2045. The bill also creates a coal to solar program to transition coal plants to renewable energy facilities.

After the Illinois Senate passed the bill earlier this week, a news release from Exelon, the company that operates the nuclear plants, says that it begin the refueling process for both plants in Morris and Byron and would inform federal  regulatory agencies that it intends to keep the plants open.