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During the last Gardner Village Board session, Commissioner Dick Hileman served as Mayor pro-tem in the absence of Mayor Mike Serena.

Resident Dan Jerbi addressed the board regarding the condition of IL Route 129, citing the village’s lack of control over the state highway and, asking if there is anything the Village can do. Mayor pro tem Hileman said commissioner Erik Smith did contact the state after which the state completed very limited patching then inquired if the village would like control of the highway. The last paving done by the state was the extension of the Grade School driveway to the road.

Jerbi also asked about cleaning the brush and garbage out of the drainage ditch surrounding the village. Hileman stated the village is responsible for the portion from Campus Road to the railroad tracks and the remainder is the state’s responsibility, adding the state did clean roughly 60% of the ditches approximately three years ago, however they were restricted from completing all ditches due to the limited access given by property owners.

Hileman spoke to State Senator Tom Bennett who provided contact information for the village. Hileman agreed the ditch needs to be cleaned but has stopped based on cost.

Jerbi reported when the ditch is cleaned, there is not water in his yard but the condition over the past three years and currently there remains standing water. Hileman responded although the village has had little success, ultimately, the state needs to clean the ditches.

Lastly, Jerbi inquired regarding the village contract with Krause Cable. Hileman replied that the village does not currently have a contract and, any company can offer service.