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The Gardner Village Board heard from concerned citizens during their meeting Monday night.

During public comment, the board heard from Ashleigh Tarman who commented on tree trimming along the village right-of-way adjoining rental property she owns in the village.

Also, resident Victoria Webster addressed the board on the agenda regarding a dead tree on village property near her property along Main Street. Webster said she was told by both the village and the county that the tree is the other’s responsibility. Commissioner Dick Hileman said the issue is currently being disputed in court and an update will be provided to Webster after the village contacts the county.

The board also heard from Esmet Bakii of the Gardner Restaurant, who addressed the village board regarding a liquor license. Hileman said to have a license to serve liquor under the current code, a business must have an owner or manager living in the village limits. He noted that the ordinance had been on the books longer than he has been on the board but did not rule out a change to the ordinance. Hileman also said there were no available licenses, but more could be added by the village in the future.

Finally, an audit indicated the village payroll tax reports from the county combine the IMRF and Social Security, which should be corrected before the next statement and the village lien against the Rub Ford bankruptcy estate will appear in court on Friday.