(WCSJ Stock Photo)

The Gardner Village Board met in regular session Monday evening, opening with comments from residents regarding reckless driving at the intersection of Lincoln and Railroad streets.

The residents requested adding stop signs at the intersection and Mayor Mike Serena responded the village will review the requirements for installing signs. Residents also inquired about garage sales and developing a town-wide Garage Sale for the weekend of August 21-23, including drawing maps and guides for the event.

Mayor Serena thanked them for their interest and said the Village would support the effort. Residents interested in being included on the sale map can contact Vanessa Slegl at 303-241-6354. Village Engineer Casey McCollom said he was approached by the Gardner Grade School and requested the garbage company be asked not to use the parking lot for U-turns on the new asphalt.

He said the parking lot should be completed by the end of the week. Serena said a recent electrical storm knocked out the computer system controlling the water system in the village, resulting in the boil order. All of the equipment was repaired and the service was restored and the boil order lifted in 48 hours, the minimum allowed by the EPA.