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Action was taken at the Gardner Village Board meeting this week to recoup money given to the now bankrupt Rub Ford car dealership.

Commissioner Dick Hileman said the village attorney will file paperwork in the Rub Ford bankruptcy in an effort to recover funds to property in lieu of money to settle the loan the village made to the business several years ago.

The dealership closed earlier this year after operating in Gardner for 32 years.

The village will also send a letter to the bankruptcy judge asking for the tires on the property to be removed to avoid creating a mosquito breeding ground and Hileman also commented on the potential need for building permits for remodeling inside existing structures.

The board also discussed and approved extended hours for Class B liquor licenses during the NASCAR weekend June 28-30, in keeping with past practice.

The hours will be 6 a.m. until 1:30 a.m. the next day for that weekend only.

Mayor Mike Serena commented the village garage sales went very well, and also added the village will begin to spray for mosquitoes in the near future.

Finally, the meeting closed by observing a moment of silence in memory of Bill Brooks and Tom Perkins, who recently passed away after serving the village in various capacities.