Kendall County Sheriff Badge

Kendall County Sheriff Badge

Five offenders were identified as being in possible violation of the Sex Offender Registration Act in Kendall County, as a part of a compliance check conducted by area law enforcement last week.

The Kendall County Sheriff's Office says that this past Thursday, the sheriff's office and various police conducted the compliance checks on all registered sex offenders and registered violent offenders against youth residing in Kendall County.

Investigators from seven police agencies worked together to check a combined 81 offenders. In a statement, the sheriff's office says that during the checks, investigators made contact with 37 offenders and completed a verification check on each.

Investigators identified five offenders that were possibly in violation and criminal investigations were opened into those allegations. In total, investigators checked 81 residences in three hours.

The Sex Offender Registration Act places legal mandates on persons convicted of sex crimes. Most of these crimes are crimes against persons who are under the age of 18.

Law enforcement officials say the objective of the operation was to verify information provided during the sex offender registration process and look for individuals who were not in compliance, as well as address any issues with proximity to schools, parks and daycares.