Kane County Sheriff Fireworks

(Kane County Sheriff's Office photo)

Illegal fireworks complaint increases and few fireworks shows this coming holiday weekend continue to remain among conversation around local communities.

Kane County Sheriff's Office officials say since last Friday, their department has seized nearly 1,000 pounds of illegal fireworks.

In a short post on Wednesday, the sheriff's office said they were, "proud" of their Bomb Squad and Investigations Division, assisted by the FBI and IDNR Police.

Since last Friday, the sheriff's office says authorities have arrested and conducted search warrants on three individuals and their homes. Two have been in Aurora and one in Elgin.

Close to 1,000 pounds of alleged illegal fireworks, as 1.3 and 1.4 grade explosives, were seized. The sheriff's office posted a picture of a pickup truck full of some of the items that have been taken.

While some neighboring states like Indiana and Wisconsin allow higher grade fireworks sales, Illinois does not. In those states, there are still ordinances of when and how fireworks can be used.

Locally, many communities are dealing with severe increases in fireworks calls to local police departments, particularly regarding fireworks that are being shot off into the early morning hours and late at night.

Many communities aren't holding 4th of July fireworks shows this weekend, due to COVID-19 large event gathering restrictions. The city of Aurora is one of them and officials held a press briefing this week regarding an uptick of illegal fireworks complaints in their community.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin says fireworks complaints are up 170 percent over the last month and calls to the city's customer service center have increased over 50 percent this week alone.

Irvin says authorities have taken calls from all parts of the city.

As Mayor Irvin mentioned, law enforcement have reported the uptick is a, "national problem." Last week WSPY reported that several Kendall County law enforcement agencies shared similar sentiments and reminded residents of the potential fines or offenses that can be applied.