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Minooka officials could give consideration to offering an economic stimulus to local restaurants. 

Minooka Village President Patrick Brennan pitched the idea to members of the village board during a workshop meeting last week.

In other communities, an economic stimulus has gone to support costs associated with outdoor dining such as tables and chairs, heating and tents, officials said. 

Several officials said they would like business owners to be required to apply for the assistance. Trustee Barry Thompson said he wants the economic stimulus to support employee retention at local restaurants.

The details of the economic stimulus weren’t fully ironed out by members of the village board during the workshop.   

In a related development, the village is looking into the idea of refunding liquor license fees to local businesses that had already paid. This topic was previously discussed by members of the village board in May, but officials did not take action at the time.

Finance Director John Harrington said all the applicable businesses in town are up to date with their liquor license fees. The economic stimulus, if authorized, would rule out establishments such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Subway, the corporate restaurants in Minooka. 

More discussion on how to support local restaurants is expected to take place at Wednesday’s meeting of the Minooka Village Board Committee of the Whole.