Photo from Dwight Police Department

(Left to Right - Dwight Police Chief Tim Henson, Marissa Krolak and 911 Operator Stephanie Law)

A 10-year-old from Dwight was recently recognized with a live saving award. The Dwight Police Department said Marissa Krolak called 911 on May 31st when she was alarmed by her babysitter’s strange behavior.

Officers from the Dwight Police Department and the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department arrived and found the babysitter was having a diabetic emergency. Dwight EMS and Dwight Fire treated the babysitter who had dangerous low blood sugar levels.

Police officials say because of Krolak’s quick thinking and bravery, she undoubtedly saved the life of the babysitter. Within two hours the babysitter would have gone into cardiac arrest.

Dwight Police Chief Tim Henson and 911 Operator Stephanie Law presented the life saving award to Marissa on Monday. July 27th.