Photo Courtesy Of Dwight Township Facebook Page

The Dwight Village Board on Monday approved banning tobacco products and vaping devices in certain areas within the town.

In May, the board heard a presentation by the Dwight Township High School’s “Teens Terminating Tobacco.”

The group was encouraging the board to prohibit the use of all tobacco products and vaping devices at the properties of Renfrew Park, Stevenson Swimming Pool, Dwight Lions Lake and Garrett Park.

The students received the backing of the Dwight Police Department, Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, Livingston County Mental Health Board, Dwight Grade and High schools and several others.

Dwight High School Principal Dan Kaiser said during a recent clean-up the students were alarmed that over 400 cigarette butts were picked up along with a variety of other tobacco and vape related products.

The vote on Monday was 5 yes and Trustee Randy Irvin voted no.