Judge Robert Pilmer

Judge Robert Pilmer in court on Oct. 29. (Chicago Tribune photo by Andrew Johnston)

The James Doe vs. former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastert $1.8 million lawsuit trial has been moved from November to April.

Judge Robert Pilmer made that decision in Kendall County Court at a Monday morning hearing.

The trial is now set to begin on April 20 of next year.

In his suit, Doe claims that Hastert violated a verbal contract between the two by not paying Doe a total of $3.5 million.

Hastert did pay Doe $1.7 million.  The money was intended to keep Doe silent regarding sexual abuse that Doe sustained when he wrestled for Hastert at Yorkville High School.

Hastert coached and taught at the high school from 1965 to 1981.

Hastert is counter suing Doe for the $1.7 million the former Speaker paid his former wrestler.

In his motion for a continuance, Hastert's attorney John Ellis did not mention any reason why the trial should be continued, and no reason was brought up by Ellis at Monday's hearing.

Two sources have told WSPY that Hastert was injured in an accident at his home, and that he is currently recuperating in a Sandwich nursing home.

April 25, 2020 will mark the four-year anniversary of Doe filing the lawsuit against Hastert.

Following Monday's hearing, Doe's attorney Kristi Browne was asked if this long a civil case is normal.

Attorneys will be back in court on November 20 to argue in limine motions.