Village of Diamond website Photo

Village of Diamond website Photo

Despite some opposition, the Diamond Village Board decided to extend its declaration of emergency at Tuesday’s meeting.  The village’s decision is meant to give the mayor the authority to take emergency action, which must be ratified at a later date by members of the village board.

Not everyone was on board with extending the declaration of emergency through June 9. Commissioner David Warner said he believes the emergency is over, saying “What I don’t think we can continue to do is bubble wrap Americans and set them apart from one another and then dictate terms,” he said.

Mayor Teresa Ternc disputed Warner’s concern, saying “We have not overstepped or infringed on people’s rights, here, in the village of Diamond,” she said. Ternc said she likes having the ability on a daily basis to respond quickly to village matters. Since the village authorized the declaration of emergency, precautions have been taken at village hall to, among other things, perform temperature checks and issue face covering guidance.

In a 3-1 vote, the village board decided to extend the order through June 9. Warner was the lone dissenting vote, and Commissioner Denise Brown was absent. Also at the meeting, members of the village board authorized a temporary emergency order to allow outdoor seating for local restaurants and bars. The village board’s decision comes on the heels of the governor announcing that all regions are eligible to begin phase No. 3 of the COVID-19 reopening plan.  

The temporary emergency order allows local restaurants and bars to set up outdoor seating in parking lots and is effective May 29.