Photo provided by Morris Hospital

Ongoing construction at Morris Hospital will cause the circle drive near the main entrance to be closed for a short time.

Beginning tomorrow, hospital officials say the circle drive leading to the main entrance of Morris Hospital will be closed to vehicle traffic for approximately one week to accommodate construction on the east side of the building.

However, the main entrance will remain open to foot traffic.

During this one-week period, said public relations manager Janet Long, drop-offs and pick-ups will be re-directed to the outpatient entrance on the west side of the hospital campus.

Patients receiving rides to the hospital through the Patient Transportation Service will also be dropped off and picked up at the outpatient entrance.

Long said the closure only applies to vehicle traffic using the drop-off/pick-up lane circle drive.

Also, visitors may continue to park in the main visitor parking lot off High Street on the east side of the campus and walk along the sidewalk leading to the main entrance.

The one-week closure of the circle drive is necessary to accommodate construction of the future emergency entrance, which will be located immediately north of the main entrance on the east side of the campus.

As WCSJ has previously reported, the new emergency department is expected to open in early 2020 as part of a two-year, $33.5 million modernization project on the hospital main campus.