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The water tower, which is located in the center of Coal City between the village hall and police station, will be torn down after the New Year.

Village trustees voted to take the water tower down, with Chamlin & Associates handling engineering services and required bid documents.

The oldest of the three water towers in Coal City, the one in question has a 100,000 gallon capacity.

Village Administrator Matt Fritz says all three towers located in the village are fully operational, in use, and maintain a consistently even height.

Fritz stated when the village hall tower comes down; the capacity of the south tower will determine the height of the remaining towers. This, according to Fritz, is a result of the new technology implemented at the water treatment plant.

The village board budgeted $125,000 for removal and demolition costs have been estimated at $55,000 to $150,000.

Village officials said a factor in removing the village hall tower was a concern that the current tower may not pass inspection, it has passed twice since 2006.

The village plans to bid out the project and have the selected contractor take the tower down piece by piece, with demolition taking up to 3 days.

Officials stated the tower will be completely taken down by April or May.