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photo from Wilmington Police Department 

A Cook County man who threatened to kill two Wilmington Police Officers was sentenced on a gun charge out of Will County this week. Larry Thomas, 26, of Chicago pled guilty to Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon, a class four felony and was sentenced to two years probation as well as serve 12 days in the Will County Jail.  

Last July, Thomas was arrested by the Wilmington Police Department in the 800 block of East Baltimore Street. Wilmington Police Chief Phil Arnold said an officer located an occupied vehicle that appeared to have been involved in an accident parked in a business which had been closed for several hours at the aforementioned address.

Thomas became noticeably nervous while speaking with officers and stated that he was going to leave the vehicle in the lot until morning, but that he wanted to get a few items out of it first. While investigating, the officer located a loaded semiautomatic pistol in the vehicle along with several rounds of ammunition and another weapon that was later identified as a BB gun.

Thomas later told officers they were lucky that he had not gotten to the loaded pistol first, because he had intended to kill both officers with it.