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The Exelon nuclear station in Braidwood is undergoing an outage, which is bringing over one thousand additional workers to the area.

Unit 1 at Braidwood Station was removed from service early Monday morning for a planned refueling outage, according to a press release from Exelon. As a result, more than 1,400 additional workers have descended on the region – providing an economic boost to nearby communities. Workers such as electricians, pipefitters, welders, and other tradespeople perform thousands of inspections, tests, maintenance activities, equipment upgrades and modifications that cannot be done while Unit 1 is online.

The additional workers in town create a welcome increase in foot traffic at local businesses, and Braidwood city administrator Tony Altiery agrees; saying the community relies on the Braidwood outage boost. He said the presence of workers in the area has been noticed at gas stations, restaurants and spots all over town and the city sees an increase in sales tax revenue while they are in the area working the outage.

A host of maintenance activities, inspections, and upgrades are made during the outage and will help Braidwood Station deliver carbon-free, reliable electricity to Illinois customers for the next 18-month operating cycle. Braidwood’s Unit 2 will keep supplying the region with carbon-free electricity during the Unit 1 outage.