(Image from the Braidwood Police Department Facebook Page)

The City of Braidwood is offering a daily check-in program for the duration of the State of Illinois “Stay at Home” order.

This new program is offered to residents of Reed Township who are senior citizens or those with medical concerns who may live alone. Once signed up, residents will receive a daily phone call. If the phone call is not answered and police have not been otherwise notified that the resident is away, a police officer will be sent to check on that resident.

To sign up, call the Braidwood Police Department’s Administrative Line at (815) 458-2342 or send a private message to the Braidwood E.S.D.A Facebook page.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, the Braidwood Police Department said they hope many seniors will take advantage of this program. This program could also be expanded in the future during events such as natural disasters, snow storms and extreme temperature events.