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This could be the week to see if Illinois public and private schools will have to extend their closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Sunday evening, one area official said a conference call with Chicago-area mayors and administrators indicated the remainder of the school year, for in-person instruction, could be canceled in Illinois.

Elburn Village President Jeff Walter said in a statement on the village's social media that on the call, two important points were made by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, which included the cancellation of the normal school year. Walter said he is not sure if that would be the case for Kaneland, the district that would service Elburn.

More information would be expected if an order was extended to cancel in-person instruction for the remainder of the year.  

Several districts in the state have already begun anticipating changes for both instruction and other needs.

According to the Rockford Register Star newspaper, Rockford school administration has started planning as if the school year would continue in August.

In Elgin, the state’s second largest school district with 39,000 students, plans are ready to convert schools to public health facilities.

The Illinois State Board of Education has mandated remote learning begin Tuesday for all public schools, adding five optional e-learning teaching meetings for the rest of the current year.

A total of four states have canceled school for the remainder of the year:  Kansas, New Mexico, Vermont, and Virginia.

Elsewhere across the nation, 27 states have canceled school beyond Illinois’s April 7th deadline, including Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Elburn President Walter said Lightfoot told area officials she expects Governor JB Pritzker will extend the stay at home order into late April.

Walter said, "she seems to be in the loop with the Governor on these things so I suspect that is what we will see."

Nationally, President Donald Trump on Sunday announced that under direction from the Centers for Disease Control, guidelines for social distancing have been extended until April 30.

The Federal Government has not mandated federal stay at home orders, but several states, including Illinois, have done so on a state level.