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Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger is the first GOP Representative to call for the ouster of President Donald Trump through use of the 25th Amendment.

Kinzinger says the President is responsible for the violence at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday where pro-Trump supports broke in and forced lawmakers to evacuate.

Many Democrats, including 14th District Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and Governor J.B. Pritzker are calling for Trump's removal.

In a Thursday video, Kinzinger says the U.S. needs leadership other than the President for the next few weeks.

On Wednesday, after being evacuated, Kinzinger condemned the break in that happened a short time after President Trump gave a speech to thousands of supporters who arrived to protest his election loss.

Images of protesters in the halls of the Capitol breaking windows and stealing things spread all over social media.

Kinzinger has been critical of his fellow Republicans who objected to the election results during the special joint session Wednesday.

After the vote was certified by Congress, President Trump released a statement through a spokesman saying that while he disagrees with the election results, there will be an orderly transition of power come Inauguration Day.

The President's Twitter account, and some other social media platforms, were temporarily suspended after he seemed to condone the attack on the Capitol later on Wednesday.