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Approximately 250 employees who work at a Montgomery manufacturer will be out of a job by September.

VVF Illinois Services LLC General Manager Kurt Konrardy confirmed with WSPY on Monday that the company will be permanently shutting down the manufacturing of bar soap at the facility in the 1900 block of Aucutt Rd.

VVF purchased the former Henkel-Dial facility in 2009. According to their website,the facility works in, "extensive oleochemical manufacturing as well as personal care manufacturing including bar soaps, antiperspirants, deodorants and gels."

Currently, 310 people are employed at VVF's Montgomery facility. A handful of employees will transfer to other VVF facilities in Kansas City, Kansas and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Konrardy says only around 50 employees will be left at the Montgomery facility to run the antiperspirant deodorant manufacturing side of the business, by September.

Konrardy says the consolidation is due to the increasing decline in popularity in bar soap, due to consumer trends towards body washes and liquid products. He also says that the future technology needed to make bar soap is another reason the Montgomery facility is getting out of that end of the business.

Another facility will use that, "new technology" to make bar soap for VVF.

WSPY asked Konrady what will be done with the open space that is being vacated.

He says that VVF will look at a number of options, including ways to grow the deodorant business or a lease on the space.