If you are a resident of Kendall County and have a family, you just might live in one of the four Kendall County cities that made it into the ''Top 50 places to Raise a Family in Illinois'' according to WalletHub.com.

WalletHub released its study findings earlier this month.

222 cities were considered for the top 50 spots and had to score high in the following categories: family life and fun; education, health & safety, affordability and socio-economics.

Each category represented 25 points making the possible score 100 points for each city.

The Kendall County cities that made the top 50 are Yorkville, Oswego, Montgomery, and Plainfield.

According to WalletHub, Plainfield captured the top spot, coming in at #9 with a score of 68.62 points, Yorkville followed close behind at #11 with 68.14 points, Oswego at #29 with 65.88 points and Montgomery at #43 with 63.96 points.

Close neighbor Naperville, has the honor of being considered the #1 ''Best Place to Raise a Family in Illinois'' with a total of 70.68 points scored and Harvey, IL took last place with 26.18 points scored overall.

To see the complete rankings of all 222 cities and for more information on how everything breaks down, visit the link below: